Identities Theatre is an online producing theatre with an aim to discuss cultural identities by telling original, personal stories written by young artists.
The idea behind Identities Theatre came when Ania and Estelle met at university in London. Relocating from their respective homes introduced them to new identities and allowed them to reflect on their own, broadening their understanding of the world around us. This experience inspired them to translate those emotions onto the stage or screen.
Our writers Ella and Karolina have also had experience of moving to a new place surrounded by new cultures and new identities and it is this theme that runs through both The Streets are Scared of Thinking and BODY Talk.
As a way to respond to the pandemic and the challenges of the traditional theatre, Identities Theatre will present two different pre-recorded theatre plays, written specially for Identities Theatre:
BODY Talk by Karolina Narojczyk (Poland) and
The Streets Are Scared Of Thinking by Ella Monnerat (Brazil)
The premier of both productions is planned for April 24th 2021.
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The project is in 100% funded by the generosity of our supporters - stay tuned for our Kickstarter announcement.

Identities Theatre works with amateurs and professionals who are willing to share their stories and become a part of the project.

Identities Theatre was founded by Estelle Welch and Ania Wróblewska in 2020 as the final year project for BA Arts Management at Goldsmiths, University of London. 
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