Nazare Sousa Coutinho plays our character from The Streets Are Scared of Thinking. Naz is a 28-year-old musician and actress who was born in Portugal and moved to London in 2014 to study Music. She had previously studied acting in portugal and has made a series of music videos, short films, comedy sketches and theatrical productions, in addition to her music. She is a singer songwriter and is about to release two songs with Skinshape, called Sua Alma and Amigos e Inimigos which will feature on the Umoja Album. 
Naz is passionate about cinema, with countless favourite movies, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ammonite, and Postcards From the Edge. She takes inspiration from the incredible Meryl Streep, Vanessa Kirby and Kate Winslet and many more powerful female actresses. 
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